Our BigTime Basketball Tournaments have been held virtually every weekend since 1988, and are terrific events for teams and players to get discovered. In fact, many of the top college and even professional players from this part of the country were first seen at our events by college coaches and recruiting gurus who attend our events and take our service.

All of our events are evaluated by the BigTime College Basketball Recruiting Service, which is subscribed to by over a thousand Men’s and Women’s college coaches at all levels around the country. If you’re good then the college coaches will soon hear about it when you are discovered at a BigTime Exposure Event, as literally¬†thousands of top players have over the years.

We have over 34 years of exposure camp and recruiting experience and only hold our events in safe neighborhoods in state-of-the-art facilities. Additionally, we have special BigTime Hotel Rates with top hotels. We stay there with our own families, and invite you to stay with us and visit with us on your trip.

COLLEGE COACHES: E-mail greg@gregswaim.com a week prior to these events for a free, detailed coaches packet.


We now take payment via Venmo (@Greg-Swaim) and CashApp ($GregSwaim) to eliminate expensive service and interest charges.

Please pay via Venmo or CashApp to complete your registration. If you don’t make payment immediately after registering, your registration is not submitted and your team will not be registered.