Since 1988 we have been helping young players in the recruiting process. One of the tools we have found very helpful is the recruiting resume that players send to college coaches. Unfortunately, most players do not know who to send these resumes to, and then how to update their information for the college coaches. For this reason we have an online system for college coaches to check for top players.

Since we have over 600-plus programs at all levels that subscribe to our recruiting service, and are online each day, this is the place they look for players. We want it known up front that we only will process players that we feel have the ability to play college ball and will turn away those players who do not posses the athletic and academic abilities to play at some level.

If you are an outstanding player who wishes to play collegiately, and has the ability to play at a high level simply complete the online form below. If you are accepted, we will place your resume online with other top players for college coaches at levels from around the country to see. You will also get an e-mail from us asking for other information for your personal web page and we will update information as often as you send it to us throughout the length of your subscription.

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If you would prefer sending a check instead, please print out this form and send with check or money order payable to:

Greg Swaim Sports, LLC
6108 N. Emerald
Stillwater, OK. 74075

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