Tournament of Champion Nationals

August 8, 2018 Greg Swaim 0

We’re looking forward to seeing many of the top teams in the region for the 32nd annual BigTime Spring and Summer Tournament of Champion Nationals in for the prestigious Gold Ball Trophy and Rings. To qualify for this tournament your team has to have won a championship at a tournament (ours or [Read more…]

Exposure Shootout Combines

July 27, 2018 Greg Swaim 0

Our BigTime Basketball Exposure Events have been held several times per year since 1988, and are the best way for top players to get discovered by college coaches and scouts. In fact, many of the top college and even professional players from this part of the country were first seen at our events by college [Read more…]

Spring and Summer One-Day Tourneys

February 9, 2018 Greg Swaim 0

If you haven’t yet registered for our Spring or Summer One-Day Saturday Tournaments, signup soon, as we’ve had a large number of groups signup for Multi-Tournament Packages and loaded up the next several months. You can also signup for a multi tournament package and get into our tournaments for as [Read more…]