Teams must play in the grade of their oldest player. Coaches found to knowingly be using ineligible players will be banned from our events permanently. Prior to each teams first game they must fill out a player roster. Any player who is not on the original roster cannot play for the rest of the tournament, so if you know a player is not going to be able to play in the first game be sure to put them on the original roster.

Players can play in multiple divisions, but cannot play on more than one team in the same division.

Current grade cards for all team members should be made available upon request and failure to provide a players documentation could prohibit them from playing until such documentation is provided. To protest a player or players on another team, coaches must also provide grade documentation on each of their players.

Each of our two-day (Saturday & Sunday) tournaments have a four-game game guarantee, with two pool play games on Saturday and at least two more games on Sunday, while our one-day (Saturday only) events have a three game guarantee. The champions get a $25 certificate off of the next BigTime Tournament, not a trophy or medals, as we’re about playing games and good competition at the best price possible…not “trophy hunting”. Don’t delay your registration, as we are limited on the number  of teams we can take for each of our events and we often reach capacity in a short amount of time.

Each game has two fifteen minute halves with a moving clock until the last :10 of the first half and last 1:00 of the second half, unless one team has a 15-point lead or more. The one-and-one is in effect after seven fouls in a half, with the double bonus taking effect after ten fouls. Full court pressure is not allowed after a team is leading by 15 or more and other standard high school rules apply. Boys in grades 1-6 and all girls grades will play with a 28.5 (women’s size) inch ball, while boys in grades 7-12 play with a 29.5 inch (men’s size) ball. If a 6th and 7th boys team play each other, a men’s ball us is to be used. Each team is responsible for bringing their own practice basketballs and one game ball as well.

We have schedules out no later than the Tuesday evening prior to any weekend event. Any team cancelling after schedules have been sent out will not receive a refund nor a credit towards an upcoming event. In case of inclement weather a “Raincheck” will be issued, that can be used at any one of our over 200 tournaments a year.

Teams in multiple tournament packages cannot get a refund, but package credits are transferanle to other teams. In addition tournament credits last indefinitely…and we’ve been in business over 30 years, so we’re not going anywhere.

Teams that cancel out at least three weeks in advance may receive a credit towards an upcoming event, provided the event they were registered for is not already full in their division, and multi-tournament packages are non refundable.

Register your team online today or e-mail us at or call us at (405) 880-2316 for more information. You must signup online or call us with a valid credit card number or send in a check to the address below. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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